Twerd comes from Twilight and Nerd. Two things that rock. And two things that very much deserve one more sad fan blog. LOL xxx.
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Firstly if you do not know what twerd meens then SHAME ON YOU it is a mix of the words twilight and nerd a must word for any Twilight Fanpire.

And now I will go straight on to listing the Pros and Cons (we think there are some) (*runs away to hide in shame*) of the god that is Edward Cullen. :F (<-- my vampire smillie lol). These are all from the point of veiw of a Fangirl not Bella, because she happens to be a fictional character, you freak! (unlike Edward). Honestly, you call yourself a Twerd.


  • being gorgeously lovely (and for book fans only in words).
  • being amazingly sexy without even trying (mmmmmmmm yummy).
  • having the hair of Robert Pattinson.
  • being completely loyal (like a little puppy awwwww).
  • loving Bella.
  • his newly developed "saving people thing".
  • his artistic temprement.
  • being a sexy vampire who lives for ever.
  • his feint worthy kissing talents
  • feathers
  • not being in love with bella for her butt (I hate that in a guy mortal or otherwise).
  • his ass (because it's amazingly sexy).



  • being incrediably clingy and protective.
  • running away in order to "save her" because that was melodramatic and stupid.
  • expecting her to be able to live without him (who could)?
  • not changing her in the first book. *
  • he wears clothes.
  • BS thinks: we would have to kill at least nine Vampires if we really wanted to get with him. But AC doesn't.
  • underestimating her ability to look after herself (even though it's crap to start with).
  • not letting her talk to Jacob.
  • his ass (cause you can't see it).

*The following text agument was played out until AC had nothing better to say -

AC: but then we would have nothing to read.

BS: ...except for the amazing exploits they would have, and their bountiful sex life.

AC: ...but there was more detailed sex when she was human.

BS: Stephanie could change that!

AC: ...but then it wouldn't be the Twilight we know and love.

BS: It would be a Twilight.

AC: You can either agree with me or be wrong!

BS: Ditto.


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